Fortified by a remarkable first edition that has been both intimate and spectacular, Fedde Le Grand and RTL Live Entertainment decided this unique experience needed to be shared with as many as possible. Now turning to the Ziggo Dome in Amsterdam on March 12th 2016 for the biggest GRAND edition to date.

This show is like nothing you have ever seen before. Unique in the world, Fedde Le Grand and RTL Live Entertainment push the envelope by creating a full hybrid between the worlds of dance and theatre. You’ll experience all euphoric moments you’d expect of any proper dance night with emotive drops and melodic breaks leading the way. This however is not a traditional rave by any means. Fedde Le Grand and RTL Live Entertainment go out of their way to overwhelm you with the most stunning show elements, giving you a sense of luxury and meticulous care that you have never experienced before at any dance event.

Now for the first time fans of Fedde can follow the creation of the premiere edition of GRAND from its inception to the fall of the curtain on opening night. Documenting the auditions, radio appearances, rehearsals and more, viewers are taken on a 20 minute journey that follows Fedde and his team as they organize and integrate thirty Dutch Show ballerinas, live trapeze acts and a legion of break-dancers to form the extra special spectacle of the concert.

Here is the making of GRAND:

Three weeks later and it’s opening night. Tensions are high and hours of sleep low, but the show is ready for its debut. After over a year in the making, weeks of rehearsals, and countless adjustments and fine-tuning, the curtain drops, and history is made.

Watch the full 4k aftermovie: