GRAND | Disclaimer

The guest who’s attending the show GRAND, knowingly attending an event where (audiovisual) recordings/photographs may be made/taken. By attending the show, the guest unconditionally and irrevocably consents to being recorded/photographed during the show. Insofar as the guest could assert any (intellectual property) rights including copyrights and/or neighbouring rights, he/she (if necessary in advance) transfers and assigns full, unrestricted, worldwide (intellectual property) rights to RTL Nederland B.V. and Fedde Le Grand , which assignment is accepted by RTL Nederland B.V. and Fedde Le Grand. RTL Nederland B.V. and Fedde Le Grand acquires the exclusive right to make those recordings public, whether or not in an adapted form, to reproduce, sell, let, lend, deliver or otherwise spread or distribute them or bring them on the market, and to offer them or to have them on stock for those purposes, to (have others) broadcast them and to (have others) rebroadcast them, or to otherwise exploit them commercially in any manner whatsoever that is currently known or that may be developed in the future. Exploitation of (parts of) the recordings can accordingly be effected in any manner whatsoever, including but not limited to making (or causing to be made) public via television, DVD and internet. Minimum age is 16 years old. The use of cameras, video or audio recording equipment is prohibited during the show GRAND.